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If you need advice about the best ways to pursue your claim for compensation following a serious or fatal truck accident in Baltimore, Anne Arundel County or anywhere else in Maryland, contact the personal injury attorneys of Cochran and Chhabra, LLC in Annapolis for a free consultation. With more than 40 years of civil trial experience, our law firm can meet the demands of litigation against commercial truck owners, operators and insurers.

Investigating Your Truck Accident

Our lawyers work with industry experts as necessary to investigate the liability issues presented by a truck accident. This will normally involve careful analysis of the vehicle's data recording device, the leasing relationships between tractor and trailer owners and operators, vehicle inspection and maintenance records, and the defendant's record of compliance with federal safety regulations.

We also review evidence relating to such factors as trucker fatigue, use of medications or illegal drugs, and the trucking company's hiring and training practices. Careful attention to detail on complex issues of causation and fault is essential in truck accident litigation, given the severe or fatal nature of the injuries typical of these cases, and the million-dollar insurance policies available to meet the claims of the victims. Truck accident cases only rarely settle quickly for the policy limits, because those limits are generally high enough to cover the losses in all but the most catastrophic cases.

As a result, the attorneys of Cochran and Chhabra, LLC devote as much attention to detailed proof of our client's losses as we do to proof of liability. We work with outstanding experts from such fields as medicine, physical rehabilitation, occupational therapy and life care planning to make sure that the full extent of the damages claimed is fully supported by credible evidence.

Our Annapolis truck accident attorneys represent Maryland clients on such injury claims as:

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